Deeper Than Love
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Deeper Than Love by Becky Barker

Billionaire in Pursuit... After being framed for embezzlement, Ciara Jayne Moore fled her executive position as well as her lover, Wyatt Marcum, to start a new life in southern California. There she manages an elegant, but aging seaside resort. The only thing she wants now is to put the past and man out of her mind. He'd let her down when she badly needed his support, and she didn't think she'd ever trust him again. Ciara's disappearance from Marcum International's Manhattan office had CEO Wyatt Marcum and his security staff scrambling. Despite their considerable resources, it took five months to track her. Wyatt had his private jet in the air ASAP. He needed to explain the reason for his actions and trap the people who'd stolen from him. But first he had to break through the icy demeanor Ciara wore like armor.
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