Deep Cover
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Deep Cover by Lauren Winter


When her dark past becomes entangled with my own revenge, which side will I choose?


The last thing I expected was to stumble over a dead body! The man I found the body with manages to drag me into a heap of trouble.
Now I just need his help to save my little sister, except now he wants to dig up the secrets of my past because he can't seem to be able to let me go...


While investigating my best friend's death by the mafia, I crossed path with this red-headed beauty. I love her fiery passion and courage, and I'd do anything to keep her by my side. However, when her dark past becomes entangled with my own revenge, which side will I choose?
A standalone, steamy romance about a headstrong heroine and a hot but cocky hero with HEA guaranteed. An age-gap mafia romance, enemies-to-lovers.

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