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Decagon by Capes

“Entrancing, mystical” -BlueInk Reviews

For the last two hundred years, immortal anti-hero Dalia has laid low. At night, she protects her clan by monitoring the shared world of dreams, known as the Dreaming. In the bayous of Louisiana, Dalia and the Others are safely hidden away. But their enemies, the Aion, will leave no stone unturned in their hunt for a long-lost asset, the Angel of Death.

Then comes Titus, a carefree immortal who shares Dalia’s ability to walk through the Dreaming. Soon after moving to Louisiana, his gift catches the attention of the Aion, who are eager to use his gifts in the hunt to find the Angel of Death.

As Dalia and her clan are propelled into an imminent conflict with the Aion, her bond with Titus deepens. But the closer the pair drift, the more dangerous their mission becomes. In the Dreaming, subconscious thoughts and feelings often manifest whether a dreamer wills it or not, and there’s a reason Dalia has spent the past two hundred years laying low…

But even for immortals, time runs out.

Spanning continents and centuries, The Decagon Series follows the turbulent life of immortal anti-hero Dalia through two timelines, one linear and one counter-linear. The series upends traditional fantasy romance themes; immortals come from all cultures rather than Europe alone and the ‘powerful, jaded immortal’ is female instead of male.

“Highly original & ambitious” -IndieReader
“Sumptuous atmosphere & skillful worldbuilding” -Kirkus Reviews
“Captivating, methodical, and action-packed” -Foreword Clarion Reviews
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