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Deadly Passion by Amanda Pillar

Dru has three problems: - Her sister - Her blood-slave status - Her cursed vagina Wait. The order is wrong. Not that it matters. Either way, she’s stuck being an assassin, can’t have a relationship, and has a sister she needs to protect. Too bad she doesn’t know she has a fourth problem: Azrael, a sexy fallen angel with a mission. He’s determined to find a missing artifact that will get him back into Heaven. There’s only one catch: Dru and Azrael want the same artifact, and they are both willing to do anything to get it. Each book in this 6 book series is standalone, featuring a new couple each time. Dive into the Heaven's Heart world today! Heaven's Heart series - In Progress Deadly Passion Benevolent Passion Winged Passion Ascending Passion Secret Passion (coming soon)
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