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Dead Still by Barbara Ebel

What if you were suddenly paralyzed in the recovery room? Finally liberated from the two-year confinement of lecture halls and gross anatomy, Annabel Tilson is a medical student working in her first clinical rotation. She has high hopes of mastering the basics of patient care like her famous neurosurgeon father. However, she soon realizes that studying for exams and taking care of patients is only part of the complex burden of her role as a surgical team member. ˃˃˃ It’s A Mystery Wrapped In An Enigma Grappling with a third-year resident who hates her and a dreamy infatuation for her chief resident, Annabel discovers that patients are dying within twenty-four hours of their procedures without apparent surgical complications. A resident from another specialty notices the same troubling pattern. With his help, Annabel takes a crash course in pharmacology. ˃˃˃ This is Book One in the medical adventures of Dr. Annabel Tilson. Annabel's novel is a spinoff from her father's series, The Dr. Danny Tilson Novels.
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