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Darkest Hour by Lexy Timms

"You do whatever it takes to protect the ones you love." A bodyguard, a young girl, and the President of the United States. What starts as a passion for Thomas Fletcher quickly delves into an obsession. A career he's always aspired to have, Fletcher finds himself only inches away from guarding the most sacred possession of the United States: the President himself. There's only one issue. He's been put on detail to protect his daughter. Disappointed and frustrated, he remains unswayed. How bad can protecting his daughter be? It'll be like every other detail case. He stands guard, makes sure she doesn't get into trouble, rinse and repeat until he's promoted to where he wants to be. But, when he finally lays eyes on the President's daughter, he realizes why all the men before him have fallen from grace. Because Chelsea Keller possesses the kind of beauty that could start—and stop—wars. My Darker Side Series: Darkest Hour – Book 1 Time to Stop – Book 2 Against the Light – Book 3 Note: Author would like to let you know this is a 3 book series.
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