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Dark King by C.N. Crawford

A snarky fae, a sexy king, and forbidden desire deep as the sea. The first book in a three-book series. Once, I was a fae princess with sea-magic at my fingertips. Now? I’m a hunted supernatural in a squalid shop, stripped of my power. My only comforts are stale cookies, Elvis records, and my hula-hoop. Until a lethally sexy fae king arrives and rips even those away. 
 After the brutal king throws me in prison, I strike a bargain with him: my freedom in exchange for helping him find a magic blade. What Lyr doesn’t know is that the blade might restore my stolen magic. 

But as we journey, the gorgeous jerk is starting to make me feel things I’ve never felt. When Lyr touches me, desire ignites. I see raging passion in his eyes, too. If I give in, I risk losing my chance at reclaiming my power. Even worse... I could be forfeiting my life. *** Readers of Amelia Hutchins, Sarah J. Maas, Laura Thalassa, and K.F. Breene will love the Sea Fae Series! "Five-star read. This story grabbed me and wouldn't let me go! It is amazingly addictive and the tension was hot. Make sure you grab it and check out her other amazingly written books!" -- Amelia Hutchins, bestselling author of The Fae Chronicles "C.N Crawford weaves a fantastical Fae story in DARK KING. With a feminist, anti-heroine you can root for, and suspense and mystery that enchants your imagination with magical worlds, this is a must read for fantasy lovers you won't want to miss." -- Scarlett Dawn, New York Times bestselling author This series has characters that overlap with the Shadow Fae series.
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