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Dare To Do Me by Cady Gilmore

I never turn down a dare... And that's especially true when a couple of fancy-jeans, city-boy nerds invade my beloved small town in order to scout locations for their tech start-up. Okay, I should be honest. One of those dweebs HAS aroused my interest. In fact, I actually wouldn't kick Zach Hamilton out of bed unless I wanted to do it on the floor. He's tall and tempting, and behind his glasses, his eyes are a piercing blue with dark lashes. He's got a cut jaw with a bit of sexy stubble and... Wait. I don't do nerds. I don't even do relationships ever since I was burned by another out-of-towner years ago. I'm Left-in-the-Lurch Mandy, the hardest-to-get girl in the county. The only thing I WILL do with this nerd is dares. And when Zach starts trying to "broaden my horizons" with a series of dares, I'm sure as fire going to give as good as I'm getting and dare HIM right back. Because I NEVER take things lying down. At least...not yet.
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