Danger at Poppyridge Cove
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Danger at Poppyridge Cove by Rimmy London


A mysterious gift, and the secret she shouldn't have kept.

When Abby and Chase celebrate their daughter's second birthday, they're surprised to find a mysterious gift on the table. Inside it lies a startling reminder. The ring Abby got when she was young, and a note from Kyle, the boy she feared. Having left the country years ago, she never expected to hear from him again, but somehow he's found her.  

Chase had never heard of Abby's old boyfriend, not until the gift. Curious, he digs deeper into the mysterious person, only to find there's no trace of him. Could his records really have vanished so completely? Or is there more to this mystery than Abby is letting on? Careful of where his questions are leading him, Chase struggles against the doubts forming in his mind.

When Kyle suddenly shows up on their property, he's nothing like the person Abby remembered. Sleek and professional, he has a hugely successful business supplying hotels. Unsure of what to do, Abby and Chase agree to tour his warehouse. But his plans are meticulously set, and they're playing right into his hands.

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