Daddy’s Law

Daddy’s Law by K.C. Crowne


20 years age gap.

HOT single daddy.

And my very bossy bodyguard.

It's wrong. It's taboo. It's scandalous. 

But forbidden fantasies are the best fantasies... right?


I've always been a good girl.

Played by all the rules.

But now my inner bad girl wants out.


Theo is dark. Enigmatic. Incurably broken...

And incurably fine.

He's also one h*ll of a devoted father.


Should I be more worried about the dangerous men after me?

Or the inappropriate feelings I have for the man twice my age??




Ava's infuriating.


And makes me want to put her over my knee and teach her a lesson.

The beauty arouses parts of me I've had locked away for years.


But who the h*ll am I kidding? I'm twice her age.

And her rich politician father hired me to protect her. 

Not to make me her new 'Daddy'.


She's mine to protect. 

And I'll take great pleasure bringing down the sick criminals after her.


But after that, I'll have to go far far away. 

Because it's getting harder and harder to control myself around the innocent beauty.

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