Daddy Issues
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Daddy Issues by Mia Clark

Good girls get cuddled. Bad girls get spanked... then cuddled. FIONA I never knew my father. I've never called anyone Daddy before. So... when I did it for the first time as a joke to Grey, my best friend's older brother, it was like all of a sudden something clicked. It was hot. It was right. It made me crave more. I may be an eighteen year old virgin with no real experience to speak of, but I've got quite the imagination... And I've read plenty of romance novels to know exactly what I'd like to do with Grey. I know what I want him to do to me, too. Please, Daddy... I promise I'll be a good girl... GREY Why is my little sister's best friend waltzing around our house wearing the skimpiest "outfit" I've ever seen? Don't ask. Not that I'm complaining, either. She has a body that's just begging to be dominated, bent over my bed, while I tell her what a naughty girl she is. Fiona turns me on so much it hurts. I'm not putting up with this tease any longer. At first I rolled my eyes at her little "joke" but the more she calls me Daddy, the more perfect it feels. "Daddy" means more to her than I thought possible. It's not about being a father. It's not being a father figure, either. It's like being everything. Love, lust, and all that's in between. Why am I so tempted? Who knows, but I want to be her Daddy forever.
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