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Cutthroat by Lori Ryan

He's wounded by war. She's scarred by rejection. Can a shared quest for redemption heal their hearts for a second chance at love? Even though he's out of the combat zone, Jaxon Cutter can't shake his memories of war. And when he encounters a down-on-his-luck veteran living on the streets, his sense of duty towards a comrade-in-arms comes rushing back. Refusing to leave a soldier behind, he vows to help his new friend pull together the pieces of his broken past and reconcile with his estranged daughter. Still wounded from her father's abandonment, Mia Kent doesn't know if she can find it in her heart to forgive. But after she receives his remorseful letter, she's finally ready to listen to his side of the story. Before they can reunite, a brutal criminal conspiracy rips them apart and unites her with the charming soldier who stood by her father's side. Thrown together by tragedy, Jaxon and Mia grow closer as they plunge into a dark world of violence. Can they catch the culprits and find love or will their hearts push past the breaking point? Cutthroat is the first novel in the gripping Sutton Capital Intrigue romantic suspense series. If you like damaged characters, second-chance love stories, and gritty criminal underworlds, then you'll love Lori Ryan's powerful page-turner. Buy Cutthroat to experience a heart-stopping romantic suspense today!
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