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Cruz Control by Susan Mills Wilson

How desperate must a person be to escape an abuser? What if the abuser threatened to kill? Alana Dupree faces the most wrenching dilemma of her life. Alana’s abusive husband is Detective Mike Cruz of the Raleigh PD, a cop who knows how to hunt his prey. If she is to get free and stay alive, Alana’s escape plan must leave nothing to chance. Throughout the supercharged, suspenseful story, Alana must stay one step ahead of her husband before he realizes her disappearance was staged. To her horror, she learns the bikers she has agreed to go south with are members of a dangerous biker gang. She quickly realizes her decision to ride with them is as bad as staying with an abuser. Alana is forced to accept a ride with a mysterious biker named Fin. Ruggedly handsome and capable of random acts of kindness, Fin is still just another badass biker. But despite her inner voice telling her to keep her distance, Alana is drawn to him. However, she wonders if he is someone she can trust or will he betray her and put her life in more danger.
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