Crazy Rich China
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Crazy Rich China by Bo Grant


A Top 100 Best Seller Holiday Romance

Evelyn Sykes has spent her entire childhood dreaming about traveling over seas, and as she packs her bags to visit her best friend across the ocean just in time for the holidays, the world plays a tiny trick on her by making her feel like life is going her way.

Lee Cho is taking over the century-old family business with people close to him hoping he’ll fail.

Her first day in another country and she almost runs head-long into a tall stranger on the way to meet her best friend's family, the Cho's. When Evelyn realizes that the tall, broody, man in a black jacket straight out of the Matrix is her best friend's brother, Evelyn doesn't know what to think. When the first real conversation they have is one that neither of them want to end, things get a little tricky.

She can't fall for her best friend's brother. Lee has a family business to run but all he can think about is how to change her mind.

It will take open hearts and open minds to get these two to see what the future could hold for them this holiday season.

This standalone romance is the second installment in the Her Billionaire series. Join the fans raving about this debut author.

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