Crazy in Love Box Set
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Crazy in Love Box Set by Ashlee Mallory


If you love sweet and heartwarming romantic comedy, you'll love the Crazy in Love Series from a USA Today Bestselling author! Start reading the first three books in the series now!

Screw-up. Black sheep. Aimless playboy.
For most of his life, James Thornhill accepted that his family would never see him as anything but a failure. As the new CEO of Thornhill Management, however, he's been given another chance to set things right. Hiring Quinn Taylor, the pesky but dedicated attorney who's leading an employee revolt against the company, is his first order of business. Second order of business will be resisting the prim attorney, who's becoming utterly indispensable in his life.

Ice Queen. Good girl. Uptight do-gooder.
Quinn prides herself on always doing the right thing, a modern-day David taking on the Goliaths of the world—not working for them. But with mounting family debt making even a cup of coffee a luxury, she doesn’t see much choice. Only the more time she spends with the undisciplined playboy, the more she finds herself falling for the guy, even if she knows that she would never be enough.

But when mechanical issues leave them stranded together in a snowy mountain town, feelings they've been fighting may become impossible to hide...

Anna has higher career aspirations than reporting the shenanigans of the city's social elite, and she'll do anything to prove it. Even if it means calling a truce to a longstanding feud with the best man. Nick. But in between dance lessons and bridal games, these enemies might discover there's something bigger to fight for than their careers...

A hearting-warming romance about a rock star, his best friend's sister, and a second chance at love... Rock Star Dylan is in desperate need of some R & R and his best friend’s offer to chill at the family farm is just the ticket. Even if it means sharing quarters with his friend's sister, whose heart he crushed when he walked away ten years before.

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