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Crazy for the Best Man by Ashlee Mallory

Entertainment reporter Anna Blake has higher career aspirations than reporting the shenanigans of the city's social elite, and she'll do anything to prove she's ready for that promotion to investigative news reporter. Even if she has to swallow her pride and hobnob at the wedding of the year with the same elite who once shunned her. Best man Nick St. Claire always knew he was destined for a career in politics just as generations of St. Claires had before him, and he's not about to let nosy reporter Anna Blake derail his plans now any more than he was ten years ago. She's up to something and he's not about to let her out of his sight until the bride and groom say their I dos. But in between dance lessons, barbecues, and bridal party fun, these longtime enemies might discover there's something bigger to fight for than their careers. Something a lot like love...
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