Crash and Burn
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Crash and Burn by Savannah Kade


He knew from the moment he saw her…

Sebastian Kane felt that visceral punch to the gut the first time Maggie Willis walked into his fire station. But his hesitation cost him dearly and new-in-town Maggie is already dating fellow firefighter, Rex. Even his loyalty to the brotherhood can’t keep Sebastian away when danger is on Maggie’s doorstep. Or maybe already inside her house…

Maggie fled to tiny Redemption hoping to leave behind a painful betrayal she’d rather keep hidden, but her hopes for a fresh start are quickly dying. None of the town’s residents are willing to trust a newcomer and her aunt’s old boarding house isn’t the safe haven she remembers.

The most notorious serial killer in the tri-state area has left Maggie a gift in her aunt’s house… letting her know that Sebastian wasn’t the only one who wanted her the first time he saw her.

How can Sebastian keep Maggie safe when she’s bound and determined to prove her aunt’s innocence by taunting a dangerous predator? This first in series of Firefighter romance will keep you up at night escaping evil and falling headlong into real love. Fans of Kendra Elliot and Rachel Grant will love these smart heroines and gut-wrenching danger!
Start reading the WildFire Hearts series now with Crash and Burn.

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