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Cowboys & Curves by Sara Hazel

An older man younger curvy woman cowboy short romance from Sara Hazel! Standalone book 1 in a new series: Lone Wolf Ranch Dana: I’m searching for my place in life — and I think I may have found it here at Lone Wolf Ranch. The owner is tall, strong, and seems to only have eyes for me. But I’m not sure if I can stay here forever. A hidden danger lurks and I may be the reason the peace of this ranch spirals out of control... Thomas: Dana is a real woman— the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, and I must make her my wife. But first I have to convince her to stay and join my daughter and I in building a real family here— the family I’ve always wanted, but has always been out of my reach. Dana can make it all real. I will marry her & protect her till I take my dying breath. She’s the one for me.