Cowboy, Take Me Away
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Cowboy, Take Me Away by Karigan Hale


He's a grumpy rancher. She's a fiesty city girl transplant. They go together like high heels in a barnyard. When an outside force threatens both their lives, they will be forced to find common ground to survive. Can they also find love?

Have you ever had an “oh crap” moment so big you wanted to hide under a mountain of warm laundry and eat bread about it? Or better yet, erase it from history?

That was me one morning when I woke up in a bachelor bedroom… with no recollection of the previous night.

And not just any bachelor’s bedroom—but my hot cowboy nemesis, Brock. Time to avoid him like a frat house after party.

Until someone threatens both his ranch and my workplace. It’s like karma is purposefully putting Mr. Grumpy McHardAbs in my path.

Which is totally unfair since he couldn’t have been more my type if Santa’s Elves had custom made him and stuck a big ol’ “For Kennedy” tag on him.

My avoidance plan goes out the window when the vandal ups the stakes. As Brock and I work together to stop the attacks, I’m beginning to wonder if our fiery confrontations would be just as heated in the bedroom…

If you like snarky female characters, steamy romance, and slow-burn sexual tension, then this book is for you!

This is a stand-alone book meant to be enjoyed by adults due to some explicit scenes.

The McAllister Brothers series books are all stand-alones but interconnected, so follow along to keep up with your favorite characters!

  • Cowboy, Remember Me (Brody's story: free prequel novella for signing up for my newsletter)
  • Cowboy, Take Me Away (Brock's story)
  • Cowboy, Save Me (Cash's story)
  • Cowboy, Forgive Me (Colt's story)

"Karigan Hale is a master writer at adding steam and humor in equal doses while giving us main characters we love and side characters we need." ~ Natalie Freese, owner of Big Canvas Reads

"This novel was the perfect mix of sex, suspense, love and resilience. It's hard to come by." ~ Amanda Wright

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