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Cowboy Baby Daddy by B. B. Hamel

He says he wants to take me off into the sunset. I think he just wants to teach me how to ride… I’m a big city girl trying to change my life. I don’t know anything about a real cowboy… until I meet Connor. He owns one of the biggest ranches in Montana. And he wants to teach me what it means to be hard and rugged. I just want to treat his horse and get the heck out of here. There’s a ranch war going on and I can’t get stuck in the middle. But Connor’s gorgeous eyes and rough hands keep pulling me back. And I keep tumbling into his arms… I’m in danger but I’m not going anywhere. Not when that bad man is standing outside of my door… And I know what he wants. Problem is, I think I might open up and invite trouble right inside. I’m supposed to be trying to start over…. Instead, I’m falling for a hardened, rugged cowboy. Too bad he makes me feel incredible… whoops. Just one romp in the hay can’t hurt…. Right? * * * We’re back with more rugged bad boy baby daddy! This next one is gauranteed to set off all kinds of fire alarms. Nothing better than a hot, hardened cowboy, right? Watch this city girl get seduced by everything the wilds have to offer. Plenty steamy, plenty exciting, and always a happily-ever-after. Go ahead and enjoy it!
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