Country Gold
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Country Gold by Heatherly Bell


A new series which delivers an "emotional punch" from a fresh new voice in contemporary romance.

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"Luke’s unwavering loyalty to Lexi and her family gives this sweet romance unexpected integrity ...Readers looking for a tender romance that leans more toward the emotional than the physical will find this very satisfying." ~ Publishers Weekly

"Country Gold is a chart topper! Heatherly Bell two-steps her new series onto the stage with a sweet but realistic love story. " ~ 4 stars, In'Dtale magazine

A second chance... A scandal ended the careers of the Wilder Sisters, the chart topping country rock band. But Lexi Wilder is okay with that, thanks for asking. She's been on the road since roughly forever, so she's going to enjoy the break. After all, there's nothing quite like the beautiful sandy beaches of Monterey Bay to soothe a woman's soul.

Luke Wyatt never wanted to trade fame and fortune for the only woman he's ever loved. Now that he's finished a punishing year-long national tour he's headed back to his hometown of Whistle Cove for the quiet, the beaches, the inspiration, and the girl. Not necessarily in that order. Nashville wants more country gold like the #1 song he co-wrote with Lexi. Luke is looking for peace and Lexi.

But Lexi hasn't forgiven him for choosing fame over her…

"Country Gold is a chart topper! Heatherly Bell two-steps her new series onto the stage with a sweet but realistic love story. The juxtaposition between Lexi and Luke is unique, as she has spent most of her life on stage and his fame is almost a fluke. Lexi's burn-out is palpable, as if her heartbreak, dimming Luke's hopes of patching things up between them. You don't have to like country music to love this couple and their happily ever after. " ~ 4 stars, In'Dtale magazine, November 2018 issue

"If you love Alphas, you will LOVE Luke." ~ Goodreads reade

r"Bell writes romance that will capture your heart." ~ Marina Adair, New York Times Bestselling author

"Bell's romances are the perfect escape." ~ Jamie Farrell/Pippa Grant, USA Today bestselling author

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