Country Dreams
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Country Dreams by Milan Watson


Welcome to Saddleback Ridge!

This small-town country series is buzzing with small-town gossip, drama, romance, and of course little unexpected twists and turns. Fall in love alongside Logan, Blake, and Sawyer as you learn more about this charming small town and its residents. In Saddleback Ridge Stetsons are a way of life and not just a fashion statement. Cowboys, romance, and small-town charm guaranteed. Matching Ledgers A dying man’s wish brings Oscar-winning actress, Norah, to Falcon Falls. Logan Caldwell is suspicious of Norah right from the start but the attraction is undeniable. Can Norah step out of the spotlight and can Logan accept that with her heart, comes her fame? Country Christmas When an unlikely spark lights up between Blake and Lucas, neither of them are sure this was the magic they were looking for this festive season. Will these friends become lovers, or will love ruin their friendship? Remedy for Romance A fake relationship, an avalanche, and a wedding - what could possibly go wrong? Sawyer offers to be Sally’s boyfriend to get her mother to stop setting her up, he just didn’t expect that real feelings could develop during a fake relationship. Each book can be read as a standalone although cameo appearances are made by other characters in Saddleback Ridge. Enjoy your journey with this boxed set that includes Book 4, Book 5, and Book 6 in this series.
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