Corruption Stone
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Corruption Stone by A. Maureen Burns


♥ She's pyrokenetic witch

♥ He becomes a dragon shifting immortal knight

♥ Together they journey to the center of Earth and restart the core 

♥ Read about their adventures in this semi sweet fantasy set in Inverness, Scotland

Fiona has always struggled with controlling her magical abilities.  Never one to open herself up to strangers or long term relationships, she's lived in a burnt-out shell of a home on the outskirts of town.  Her biggest sadness is the death of her daughter.  She's spent her entire adult life punishing herself for not being the best mother she could've been.

Binh grew up in a magical family in Vietnam but never knew he was destined to become a dragon shifter.  He holds himself back emotionally from others so he can't hurt them in the way he did his family during the Indo-China war.  Now the gods have given him a chance to redeem himself by protecting Fiona on the journey to the core.

Along the way they meet up with gods that have escaped the Corruption Stone, a prison created by none other than Pandora herself, and they must learn to forgive themselves and love one another if they hope to survive.  

Corruption Stone is the second book in the Paladin series and follows the blossoming love between Fiona and Binh as the world struggles to set itself back after the near destruction from Pantheon Prophecy.  If you enjoy alternative history fantasies with a touch of romance, then you'll enjoy reading A. Maureen Burns and the Paladin Series.

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