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Convenient by Sarah Michelle Jones


“Have you ever thought about marriage?” Mark asked conversationally.

When Amelia Winger finds herself in need of a new place to live in the middle of a pandemic, her friend Mark proposes an unconventional solution: a legal marriage that would give Amelia a place to live and allow Mark to prove to his father that he’s “settled down” enough to inherit the family practice.

Knowing their friends and family would frown on such reasons for marriage, they agree to pretend to be in love for everyone else’s benefit. But as they begin to share the challenges of work, family, and life in 2020, the lines between pretense and reality become more and more difficult to distinguish.

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In simple words, the novel penned by a Christian worldview, a way of viewing the world separated through the facts shown in the Bible, is called Christian books. It implies a sovereign God who made everyone and everything; it believes we are responsible to God for our decisions, promises, and activities; it feels we require forgiveness and redemption and that it comes only through the person of Jesus Christ. There are two types of Christian Books: Christian fiction Christian fiction books are those books that overtly display elements of Christianity in the story, mixing things like prayer, conversion, church. Christian non-fiction Christian non-fiction is normally overt in its use of Biblical beliefs to explain an appropriate subject.

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“Of course I loved books more than people.” ― Diane Setterfield, The Thirteenth Tale

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