Conspiracy Theory
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Conspiracy Theory by Elle Keaton


A man can only run from his demons for so long before realizing what he’s running from is himself. But... what is he running to?

For years Niall Hamarsson brought closure to others, with one of the highest homicide solve rates in the city. One day he walks away from it all.

Family. That’s what Mat Dempsey believes in. As well as doing his best as Sheriff of the small community he calls home. It’s simple and quiet, just the way he likes it.

Niall’s return disturbs the delicate work-life balance Mat has achieved. Or is it Mat who has been living a lie all these years?

When a body is discovered in the harbor, Mat's top priority is solving the first homicide in over a decade. He doesn’t need the ex-detective interfering with his investigation.

Mat wants a partner, a lover. Niall thinks he wants to be alone but maybe what he needs is Mat Dempsey.

Conspiracy Theory is a dual POV about a broody introvert and a somewhat patient Sheriff. The Veiled Intentions series follows Niall and Mat as they grope their way to a happily ever after.

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