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Conquering her Heart by Bree Wolf

This regency romance by USA TODAY bestselling and HOLT Medallion winning author BREE WOLF about a resourceful lady and a gentleman caught in a trap proves that there is one thing love cannot do: hide. ABIGAIL ABBOTT knows that many young women would kill to be her: whisked away to London for the Season with eligible gentlemen clamouring to win her hand. Still, after only just losing her beloved father, Abigail feels nowhere near ready to heed her grandfather’s demand of choosing an appropriate husband. What she longs for is a friend. Someone to soothe her broken heart. Someone to make her smile. Not a slew of suitors hell-bent on getting their hands on her dowry. Since Abigail’s grandfather refuses to acknowledge her objections, she is left with no other choice but to find her own means of discouraging the many men that flock to her side. Now, what would it take to send them running for the hills despite the incentive of her grandfather’s dowry? GRIFFIN RAMSEY, EARL OF AMBERLY, seriously doubts his sister’s love for him when she insists he make the acquaintance of the most awful woman he’s ever laid eyes upon. Dressed like a giant insect, Miss Abbott seems to have made it her goal in life to inflict injury upon her fellow man. Was she insane? After all, what other explanation could there be? Clearly, Winifred wishes him to suffer for some imagined slight against her; Griffin is certain of it. Until one afternoon in Hyde Park opens Griffin’s eyes and makes him look at young Miss Abbott with different eyes. "I could not put this book down. I loved Abigail and her ingenious plan. I would recommend this book to anyone that loves looking at the beauty within and sweet romance." - Klkfrog, AMAZON REVIEW "This is a most wonderful excape to a love that is both funny, sad and yet you are instantly caring about what happens and you will love reading this book!" - Vanassasgram, AMAZON REVIEW "You'll laugh out loud as you witness the lengths Abigail will go to in order to remain single. I couldn't put this book down, so snuggle up for a wonderful evening." - D M, AMAZON REVIEW A Forbidden Love Novella Series #1 The Wrong Brother #2 A Brilliant Rose #3 The Forgotten Wife #4 An Unwelcome Proposal #5 Rules to Be Broken #6 Hearts to Be Mended #7 Winning her Hand #8 Conquering her Heart Prequel: The Spinster Also, check out Bree's USA TODAY bestselling Love's Second Chance Series!
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