Connectivity 2.0
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Connectivity 2.0 by Aven Ellis

Switch to first-class seat on a transatlantic flight? Check! Sexy ginger seatmate with gorgeous British accent? Hello! Discuss love of grandmillennial décor with super-hot seatmate? Why not, throw caution to the wind! Will the history of a career-driven American finding love with a British billionaire repeat itself? Hmm … Recent college graduate Lauren Charleston heads to London for a prestigious media graduate internship that is part of a well-laid plan for career success. Falling for a playboy billionaire with the nickname of Icky Ollie? Not part of said plan. Tech developer Oliver Pratt makes tabloid headlines for his wild ways, seen with a myriad of women—including a princess. He’s exactly the type of man Lauren detests—especially in light of her past with men. But Lauren might find exactly what she needs in Oliver if she can see beyond the surface—and face her own past, too. Will these two opposites find a certain connectivity, as their career mentors did? Or will this romance short-circuit before it begins? Connectivity 2.0 is a laugh out loud and delightful romantic comedy. Get ready to fall in love with Lauren and Oliver—and have an overwhelming desire to go to London— when reading this feel-good story.
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