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Connecticut Bride by Cyndi Raye

A woman determined to be the keeper of the light - A man determined to return to battle - Can two independent souls find love in the midst of a civil war? Sergeant Julian Daniel's wound kept him from returning to battle. His job as an Ordnance Sergeant kept him far from the battles he loved to be in. As a soldier, it was hard not to be able to fight. But, will meeting the lightkeeper's daughter change the course of his life? Anna Eberly grew up in her father's shadow, determined to follow in his footsteps. When the new Ordnance Sergeant arrives at Fort Oswald, she is determined not to fall in love. Can two independent souls find solace in the midst of a civil war? This is book four in a thirty-six book series written by multiple authors. The books are published in chronological order, telling stories over the five years of the Civil War. It is a sweet and wholesome romance set against one of the bloodiest wars in the United States.
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