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From L. M. Roth, the author of the Adventures of Abelard Trilogy, the Quest For the Kingdom series and Cinderella’s Shoe A Fairy Tale Murder Mystery comes Volume 3 in the Princess Who… series. Princess Adelaide does not always like being a Princess. She often escapes the monotony of her royal duties by disguising herself in peasant clothes and wandering through her native mountains in search of whatever adventure she might find. When she meets a handsome stranger one day, she strives to hide her true identity, for her heart is taken at their first meeting. A firm believer in true love, much to the concern of her older sisters who inform her that a princess must marry for reasons of State, Adelaide fears losing her beloved if she reveals her royal status. When she discovers that her true love is betrothed to another, a cold and manipulative woman of great beauty and power, she is determined to get him back and seeks advice from the sisters who have always been surrogate mothers to her. But as she seeks counsel from those who know her best she discovers that each has a different view of love and marriage that clashes with her own. Adelaide then must determine which voice she will listen to and what choices she will make to influence her destiny. A romantic and enchanted retelling of The Little Mermaid amalgamated with The Snow Queen, Come Back My Lord the Princess Who Loved Too Much weaves a spell of magic, intrigue, and romance, and poses the burning question: is it possible to love too much? Come Back My Lord The Princess Who Loved Too Much is Volume 3 in The Princess Who... series, a collection of stand alone romantic fairy tales written for modern Princesses. Books in the series contain Volume 1 Arise My Love the Princess Who Fell Asleep, Volume 2 Beware My Lady the Princess Who Would Not Wed, Volume 3 Come Back My Lord the Princess Who Loved Too Much, Volume 4 Dare Not My Liege the Princess Who Passed the Test, and Volume 5 Enchant Me, Layla the Princess Who Risked Her Life.
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