Coffee and Cream
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Coffee and Cream by Tirzah Lee

Growing up for Cream wasn't easy. For as long as she can remember its just been Cream and Jackie. Bouncing from city to city with her mom was hard. She had to leave friends behind and move on with her life. Jackie is hiding a secret from Cream that may or may not cause harm to her family. Once Jackie back is against the way she has no choice but to tell the truth. The Finally settle in Cincinnati, Ohio and her life changes for the better.. Or worst. She meets and fall in love with Coffee, but does Coffee have what it take to keep Cream in Cincinnati? Coffee was the man in the streets. Even at a young age he was a boss. But Coffee has always had a problem with "keeping it in his pants". Now that he has Cream will he change his ways or lose her forever?
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“The world was hers for the reading.” ― Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

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