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Climb up to Love by Jill Haymaker

Jill Haymaker brings you back to Peakview County, Colorado, high in the Rocky Mountains, in this story of finding love and overcoming your past. Sierra Outlaw doesn’t believe in love-not anymore. Not since she found her husband in bed with another woman. Back home at her family’s Eagle Tree Cattle Ranch, in Peakview County, Colorado, shestruggles to find her identity as a single mom. Drifter Cowboy, Stormy KNight, has never believed in love. The product of an abusive mother and a broken foster system, he’s been a loner for his entire forty-two years. “Never let anyone close enough to hurt you” is his motto. When sparks of mutual attraction fly between them, will the draw of romance be enough to overcome their fears and ghosts of their past lives?
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