Clawed & Cornered
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Clawed & Cornered by Heather McCorkle

Sonja Michaelson has never had good luck with romance, especially with her taste for the bad boy. So, when an alpha biker with a cocky attitude walks into her bar, she falls so fast and hard her impact could level a small city. Whether the connection shifts into love or remains lust doesn’t matter. She’s already collateral damage. Raul Anderson’s mission is supposed to be simple: find the girl, convince her to turn werewolf, bring her to Hemlock Hollow, and in doing so, save his sister’s life. It should be an easy task. But when has fate ever made his life easy? He expected a spoiled, pampered half-Swedish, half-Cherokee princess, one who would jump at the chance of quintupling her lifespan by becoming a werewolf. But when he sees the black-haired beauty holding her own behind the bar and working her butt off to pay for med school, it throws a wrench into his best-laid plans. And hooks him deep in the heart. Will love close the divide between them or damn them before it has a chance to thrive? A novella beginning the Children of Fenrir full-length novels. Read how it all starts! If you like Patricia Briggs, Christine Feehan, Kait Ballenger, or Norse mythology, you’ll love this Viking inspired paranormal romance!
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