Claiming Her Forever
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Claiming Her Forever by Alexis Winter


The moment I saw her, I should have known better. The moment I touched her, I did. 

I’m not the guy who believes in happily ever after—but for a brief moment, I did, and that’s when I lost her.

I like my solitary life in the mountains. 

I mind my business. I keep to myself, and I don’t get involved with anyone.

I learned the hard way that life ain’t easy or fair.

One minute you think you’ve got it all figured out and the next, you find your wife in your bed with your own best friend. 

Then Quinn Prescott shows up to rent the lower level of my cabin and I ignore every warning. The way I want to hold and protect her, to claim her consumes me.

I tell myself just one small touch.

One quick glance into her big blue eyes that pierce my soul.

One taste of her sweet, pouty lips. 

I knew she was innocent, but I took it from her anyway.

Night after night.

I knew she deserved better than a broken man who just wanted to get lost in her body, but I let her believe I could offer her more.

It wasn’t just lust—it was an addiction.

One I don’t want to get over.

Then my ex shows up…with a baby. 

Claiming it’s mine and reminding me why I live by the rules that I do.

Only it’s too late, I’ve let Quinn in.

So I do the only thing I can—I break her heart and send her home. 

I let her believe that I never loved her.

I let her believe that it didn’t kill me just as much as it killed her to watch her drive away.

But just when I think our passion-filled story is over, I find out…it’s just beginning.

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