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Christmas with You by Jess Mastorakos

Fake-dating a gorgeous Marine at Christmas should be a no-brainer for Angie. Too bad he drives her nuts. Staff Sergeant Charles Cooper is desperate. When he made up a fake girlfriend to appease his grandmother, he hadn’t counted on Grandma Jean flying halfway across the country to meet her at Christmas. With only a few days until the big family dinner, he needs a girlfriend. Fast. Angie Black can think of few people who get under her skin more than Cooper. Unfortunately, she has to tolerate him since their best friends are married to each other. When Cooper asks her to be his fake girlfriend for a family dinner, Angie agrees only because she could use a fake boyfriend for her own reasons. Their fake relationship seems to solve both of their problems. That is, until unexpected feelings arise. With his deployment looming, will they figure out that they're meant to be before they find themselves half a world apart? If you like captivating chemistry, realistic military romance, and loyal friendships, then you’ll love this unputdownable series by Jess Mastorakos. Christmas with You is a clean romance set in the world of The San Diego Marines. Each book can be read as a standalone. Check out the rest of the series: Prequel: Forever with You - Vince & Sara (get it free at Back to You - Spencer & Ellie Away from You - Matt & Olivia Christmas with You - Cooper & Angie Believing in You - Jake & Ivy Memories of You - Brooks & Cat Home with You - Owen & Rachel Adored by You - Noah & Paige
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