Christmas with Granny McPherson
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Christmas with Granny McPherson by Nellie K. Neves


Evan Scruggs made his millions pretending to be someone he's not: A sweet grandma with an affinity for writing America's favorite cookbooks. 

While executives love his food, it was very clear from the beginning that his prickly personality and people skills were not going to sell anything to the public. His recipe books have topped the charts for years, however, the name and face on the cover belongs not to Evan, but to Granny McPherson, America’s Grandma. But when that Granny from the cover has a melt down in the frozen foods section on live television, Evan has to win back the public's good favor if he wants to keep everything he's worked for.

Brooke Cratchett lives on hopes and dreams, but very little else.

When Brooke Cratchett inherited her grand parent’s 100-year old farmhouse, she set out to make it into a bed & breakfast, despite knowing little about business or cooking. Now her dream is crashing around her - bills are coming due, she still can’t cook, and the inn sits empty. She's hoping for a miracle when her cousin Winnifred has a brilliant idea. She can coerce her floudering client, Evan Skruggs, to the inn to do a series of television Christmas specials. Bringing publicity for the inn, and a chance for the public to fall in love with Evan, what could go wrong?

Just about everything, and typically on live tv.

As Evan struggles in the spotlight of public scrutiny, issues from his past stand in his way. If he can't change, will he lose the future he dreams of? Brooke tries to keep a smile on her face as her simple life is swallowed in the chaos of reality television. Is saving the inn really worth the lack of privacy? Between snowball wars, broken gingerbread houses, and chance meetings under the mistletoe, their lives will never be the same.

Come home for Christmas with Granny McPherson.


“Did you like the sweet rolls?” Evan erases some of the space between us with a couple steps.

My cheeks flush before I have a chance to control my emotions. “No,” I lie. “I’ve been too busy.”

“Are you sure? I saw one was missing. I figured you took a bite.”

“Nope. I have a business to run. Some of us have real jobs, and do real work.”

If I meant to hurt him, he’s not showing a wound. “You’re sure you didn’t have any? Not even a taste?”

“Maybe Winnie ate it? She’s been around this morning.”

“That’s your final answer?”

I lick the sweetness from my lips, relishing the lie on my tongue. “Of course.”

Evan moves within my personal bubble. My hands tighten to fists, but not because I want to fight him. On the contrary, I don’t trust the plans my hands have for someone like Evan Skruggs. Slow, with deliberate precision, Evan takes my jaw in the curve of his palm. His thumb catches the edge of my lips. My eyes fall closed, lost in the sensation of his touch. Pressure deepens as he rubs the corner of my mouth with his thumb. Leaning close, his whisper tickles my ear.

“If I’m not mistaken, that’s bit of orange icing at the corner of your mouth, Miss Cratchett.”

I freeze in place, captive to his touch.

“I had a little bite. Nothing remarkable. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

“The icing on your skirt tells another story.” Evan pulls back until we’re eye to eye, nearly nose to nose. “I’m glad you liked them.”

From the Author:

This book is a loose retelling of Christmas Carol, complete with ghosts from his past, present and future, but not in the literal sense. This is a no cheating and no cliffhangers. A reader can expect a HEA ending, and a PG-13 book with some heat but no sex or swearing. I hope you enjoy this sweet & sassy romance.

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