Christmas Triad

Christmas Triad by K.C. Crowne


This Christmas, three Navy SEAL brothers are delivering BIG forbidden packages to one very lucky girl.

The Wolf brothers were my childhood friends.
All three of them hot as sin.
Duncan, Evan and Jay. Each with their own unique charm.
Now, there're back in my life...
Older, stronger, and hotter than ever.
I simply can't handle the undeniable desire between all four of us.

But skeletons from my past want to cause harm.
And my former step brothers are ready to bring down the law.
In the midst of the madness, I find myself wanting more than just friendship.
How will I ever choose between the three of them? And what if I don't have to?

Dear Reader, 
This is a steamy reverse harem holiday romance loaded with all things taboo. Snuggle up next to a warm cup of hot chocolate and enjoy this naughty present fit for any lover of forbidden attraction.
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