Christmas Package
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Christmas Package by Cassie Cole


Three steamy hunks. One lonely saleswoman.
And a department store all to themselves for the holidays.

After a bad breakup on Black Friday, I get kicked out of my apartment.
And with nowhere else to turn, I’m forced to hide out in my department store at night.
Dodging security guards, the alarm system, and my way-too-empty bank account.
Perfect start to Christmas, right?
But I’m not the only one working long hours over the holidays.

Thomas is the tall, dashing manager of the toy department. With an English accent as smooth as silk, he’s the most lusted-after man in the store… but out of all the saleswomen throwing themselves at him, he asks me out on a date.
Gabe is the sweet security guard working nights to put himself through college. With a face like a young Tom Cruise, we share a slice of pizza every night—and he smiles at me like he knows my secret.
Then there’s Victor, the chiseled alpha bartender who helps me forget my troubles one night. Yet there’s trouble swirling in his stormy eyes, and he’s harboring a massive secret of his own.

They each have their own ways of cheering me up.
And some are downright naughty.
But I just need to survive until my next paycheck.
One month living in the department store without getting caught.
Which becomes far more difficult when my ex-boyfriend starts snooping around…

Will my three new guardians be able to fill me with holiday cheer?
Or will our combined secrets ruin Christmas for everyone?

CHRISTMAS PACKAGE is a sizzling, stand-alone Reverse Harem love story filled with mystery, suspense, and boatloads of holiday cheer. HEA guaranteed!

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In simple words, Books that are set during a holiday season or celebrate something about a particular holiday comes under the Holiday genre. These types of books are purely based on the occasion; for example, books that show about some special days or festivals fall under the holiday category. But the question is, why you need to read this? The simple answer to this question is, it helps you to see how people spend their special day and how they feel about that day. These kinds of books give you positivity toward your loved ones as most books are written on Christmas. 

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