Christmas Grump
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Christmas Grump by Jamie Knight


Everyone says I'm such a Grinch. A Scrooge. A Christmas Grump.
But Noelle is melting my heart while hardening my c*ck.

Ever since my parents died around the holidays, I've f*cking hated this time of year. And contrary to what anyone says, there's no convincing me that some carols and festive parties will ever be able to make me smile again. I'm too busy trying to keep my parents' business afloat so that I don't sink their legacy... just like I fear I caused their deaths.

But then Noelle walks into my office and my d*ck isn't the only thing that starts to perk up with some Christmas cheer. Her pretty eyes and gorgeous curves have a surprising effect on me. Suddenly I'm wanting to decorate for the holidays, if only so that I can have an excuse to kiss her under the Mistletoe.

My company has hired her as a consultant for our holiday advertising campaign, so I'm not supposed to get too up close and personal with her. It could cause professional problems at a time when the business really needs to turn things around. Not to mention personal ones, since she's sworn off dating thanks to her own Ghost of Christmas Past. 

Everyone around me is happy that I'm brightening up, but they still say not to touch Noelle because it could only result in disaster, and I've already had enough of that for a lifetime. But they aren't the ones having to stare at her short holiday skirt while wishing I could just take it off and explore what's underneath.

I do what I f*cking want. And this Christmas, all I want is her.

Christmas Grump is a standalone steamy billionaire holiday romance in Jamie's brand new Castle Falls Christmas Magic series, each of which feature a couple brought together by an object they buy in a Christmas shop... and the holiday spirit. 

Jamie Knight always promises to bring you a happily ever after filled with plenty of heat. And never any cheating or cliffhangers!

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