Christmas at the Coffee Shoppe
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As the Mayor's Chief of Staff, it's my job to make sure the Santa Swim After Party goes off without a hitch. So when a tree plunges through the roof of the venue, I don't skip a beat. Too bad a grumpy coffee shop owner stands in the way of my perfect Plan B. I'll do what it takes to change his mind and give the residents of Christmas Cove a magical holiday.

I want nothing to do with Christmas this year. Cancel it, skip it, I don't care. Just don't sign me up for it. And don't ask me to play Christmas music in my coffee shop. But when a brunette with big hazel eyes bursts into my shop with ideas about transforming it into her perfect Christmas creation, I find that saying no is easier said than done.

Christmas at the Coffee Shoppe is a 30,000-word sweet holiday romance novella.

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