Choices Of The Heart
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Choices Of The Heart by Mary Jane Morgan


After losing her husband, Jillian Blake leaves Nashville and moves with her two-year-old son to Crystal Springs, Tennessee to be near family and part of a close-knit, small-town community.

When Cade Hendrix’s wife gives him shocking news and files for divorce, he swears off relationships and devotes himself to his two top priorities—his young daughter and his veterinary practice.

A chance meeting for Cade and Jillian throws Cade’s carefully crafted world into a tailspin, and has Jillian wondering if she can ever find the courage to love again.

Will heartbreak and deceit keep Jillian and Cade locked in the past? Or will they find the courage to follow their hearts?

Each book in the Crystal Springs Romances series is a standalone book.

You can start with any book and not be lost. Enjoy!


Book 1: Long Road Home
Book 2: Coming Home
Book 3: A Home For Haley
Book 4: Home at Last
Book 5: Going to the Chapel
Book 6: Since I Found You
Book 7: Dare To Love
Book 8: Choices Of The Heart
Book 9: Healing Hearts
Book 10: Secrets of the Heart
Book 11: The Heart Knows
Book 12: Songs of the Heart

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