Charm School Billionaire Bad Boy
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Charm School Billionaire Bad Boy by Lynn Garcia Carmer


A super-steamy, BOSSY BILLIONAIRE, romantic comedy that delivers all the feels in one heart-stopping, sexy romance.

"I'm obsessed with a socially stunted Prince Charming with a vendetta against the school."

The arrogant, bossy, and salty billionaire...
Willem Charles is a god in the boardroom and the bedroom.So why bother with a rundown charm school? Because it belongs to him. His grandmother's legacy has been swindled by the Calvo Quads, and he'll fight dark and dirty to win it back.It has absolutely nothing to do Dacey Calvo and his growing obsession with her killer curves and quick wit. Her sunny smile and eternal optimism should drive him to distraction. Instead, she's become his addiction--one he never wants to live without.

The cheerful, bubbly, and whip-smart virgin...
Irrepressible Dacey has never gotten busy in the boardroom or the bedroom.She's finally ready to ditch her V card for the man she loves. Willem, aka the Handsome Devil, is the subject of her nighttime fantasies--his searing blue eyes promise wicked delights.His only fault, besides the fact that her sisters loathe him, is he continues to deny their attraction.

The Naughty Class...
After Dacey and her sisters inherit a bankrupt charm school, they devise a plan to teach adult classes to keep the school open.
Dacey is the last to go and must teach a intimate class on Video Lovemaking.
She has to be filmed? It's her absolute worst nightmare!
But if she has to do it, there's only one grumpy tycoon she trusts enough to help her with the class.
Her sisters want to banish the Handsome Devil, but she needs him to stay. Can she find a way to have her billionaire and appease her sisters, too?

*New Cover*
Charm School After Dark: Lesson 1
Charm School Quickie: Lesson 1.5
Charm School All-Nighter: Lesson 2
Charm School Night Play: Lesson 3
Charm School Billionaire Bad Boy: Lesson 4
Charm School Christmas Karma: A Steamy Holiday Romance
Charm School Lip Service: Lesson 6

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