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Cellar of Cole by Micheal Maxwell

How far would you go to save a child? The chance for a new beginning makes the offer of a job on the West Coast an easy decision for Cole Sage. He barely starts work, and Cole is thrown into an investigation of the brutal killings of three little girls in San Francisco. Moving from his home in Chicago is the bittersweet closing of one chapter in Cole’s life and the beginning of a new one. Before he can say good-bye to the Windy City, the call for help from an old friend pits Cole against the seedy underworld of child abuse and abduction. This tale of two cities will put Cole’s investigative skills to the ultimate test - and will force him to put his loyalty to his friends above the law. “Not getting involved” isn’t in Cole’s nature - but even his help in solving one mystery may not be enough to get him out of Chicago alive. When all seems lost, who do you call upon? For Cole, it is a return to faith. BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from book #3 in the Cole Sage Mystery Series - Helix of Cole! OTHER BOOKS IN THE SERIES Diamonds and Cole (Book #1) Cellar of Cole (Book #2) Helix of Cole (Book #3) Cole Dust (Book #4) Cole Shoot - (Book #5) Cole Fire (Book #6) Heart of Cole (Book #7) Cole Mine (Book #8) Soul of Cole (Book #9) Cole Cuts (Book #10) Also by Micheal Maxwell - Three Nails (A Tale of Tragedy, Testing and Triumph)
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