Carousel Horse Christmas
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Carousel Horse Christmas by Danni Roan


In the busy world of Party Planning, Audrey Alberton has no time for love, she’s not even sure she has time for Christmas as her calendar continues to fill through the Holiday season. Can one simple gift from an unknown giver change everything?

Holden Bays has too much to do to be slowed down by an accident but when his truck and trailer are damaged moving through the city one chance encounter could turn his world upside down.

Christmas Miracles come in small packages in this delightful sweet short western bundle of Christmas Cheer.
Mrs. Claus is all about spreading Christmas cheer — especially to the many lonely hearts seeking friendship, love, healing, second chances, and that special someone to call their own.
To help each lovely heroine and dashing hero find their perfect match, Mrs. Claus mails them a magical holiday ornament. From a carousel horse that matches the exact horse a hero will be found riding to an iced angel just like the cookies a dreamy chef bakes, each ornament has a real world counterpart that, if followed, will lead to true love.
From historical to contemporary, from heartfelt to humorous, each of these sweet romance stories ends in a festive happily ever after that will leave you wanting more — so be sure to check out all the titles in our Ornamental Match Maker Series as they release.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and our readers around the world! And — just for the record — we celebrate the holidays year round in this group..

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