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There was only one catch... DO NOT fall for your employer! Amelia, a wealthy, engaged woman of the peerage is happy and excited to plan her wedding. But all her plans go astray when her father is taken to prison for debts from gambling. Not so long after that, her fiancee abandons her with so much as a letter... To survive, Amelia must leave everything behind and move to the misty Scottish Highlands in search of a new beginning and a new job. Her only opportunity would be to work for an elderly woman as a companion... Yet, she did not expect that this lady would have a son and a laird at that. Laird Jamie Kinnaird is the perfect nightmare for a female employee. Ruggedly handsome, charming, and frustrating beyond words he invades her life and dreams. For Jamie, Amelia is the ideal bet he knows he cannot win. But what happens when his sinister cousin, Donald, makes an offer Amelia can’t refuse? Will Amelia put the need to make it on her own first, over the man she desires? Or will Jamie make the decision for her? She was just a bet to him until she became his deepest desire...
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