Captured By Their Claws
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Captured By Their Claws by Casey Morgan

I want her virginity, and nothing will stop me from taking it. Not even my younger brothers. My brothers and I have lived a life of crime. Seems we've always been on the run with our motorcycle gang. But never as much as we are now that humans are after us. There's no way I'm letting them get to the only family I have left. So, Love's Hollow is the perfect place to seek refuge. It's a safe haven for shifters and other supernatural creatures like us. At first, though, the folksy forest atmosphere seems like a joke. Until I set eyes on the hottest witch I have ever met. Mary has unbelievable curves and a feisty attitude to go with them. I immediately know that I want her. And I always get what I want. A local auction seems like the perfect way to win her. Her virginity is going to be my finest prize. I just need my brothers to step aside for the alpha. And to know that Mary is mine, not theirs-- or anyone else's. I start to run out of hope when my plan turns into a kidnapping. What if the bidding to win Mary's gorgeous body gets too high? I don't think I can pay such a large amount on my own. But of course my brothers are willing to pitch in. They propose we give her triple the pleasure. And it even seems possible that we might all be in love with her. But after a life of selfishness, can I finally learn to share? This paranormal reverse harem wolf shifter auction romance is a full length novel, part of the Love's Hollow Auctions series, which can be read on their own and in any order and are best enjoyed together. It has no cheating or cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after. It is high heat and for adults only.
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