Can’t Stop The Feeling
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Can’t Stop The Feeling by Maria Geraci

A fun, warm-hearted small-town romance featuring a sexy attorney with a secret past, a feisty redheaded heroine who wants to beat him at his own game, and an adorable little girl playing matchmaker. Jenna Pantini has just become Whispering Bay’s first female city manager and she’s determined to succeed where less qualified men before her have failed. Her mission? Balance the crumbling city budget and keep the quaint little Florida beach town out of the hands of unscrupulous developers. When one of the founding fathers bequeaths the town miles of pristine beachfront property it seems like Jenna’s problems are solved. Until a greedy relative hires cocky attorney Ben Harrison to break the will. Ben is legendary in legal circles for never losing a case. He also has another kind of reputation—one with the ladies, something that Jenna knows all about first hand. Back in college, Ben was Jenna’s first love and last lesson in heartache. Ben would love nothing more than to pick right back up where he and Jenna left off, but the feisty redhead isn’t interested in anything but seeing him leave town. Too bad she isn’t going to get her way because Ben has more at stake than just a legal case. He made a long ago promise to family that he needs to fulfill. Plus, there’s all those old feelings that he and Jenna can’t quite seem to shake… CAN'T STOP THE FEELING is a contemporary romantic comedy and part of the Whispering Bay Romance series. All the books can be read as a stand-alone and have a guaranteed happily-ever-after! Whispering Bay Romance That Thing You Do Then He Kissed Me That Man of Mine The Best For Last This Can't Be Love Can't Stop The Feeling Whispering Bay Mystery a fun and quirky chick-lit mystery series featuring your favorite Whispering Bay characters! Beach Blanket Homicide Whack The Mole Murder by Muffin (coming soon!)
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