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Cancun by Kimberly Fox

"You need a rebound. They call me Mr. Trampoline." What happens in Cancun, unfortunately for my cheating boyfriend, doesn't stay in Cancun. I caught him on the first night of our vacation balls deep in my worst enemy: the bitchy obnoxious girl who my best friend chose to be her maid of honor instead of me. Now I'm stuck on this resort, in the same small room as my ex, until my friend gets married at the end of the week. This place is a paradise but it feels like hell. It's all going so wrong until I meet Ethan, the dirty talking bad boy with the body carved out of granite. He's going to teach me what paradise is really about. And it isn't sand and palm trees... * * * Full length (58,000 words) Standalone Novel. HEA. Lot's of dirty talk (oh yeah!)
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