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★★★Sometimes fate has other plans.★★★ A single night, one bad decision can alter the course of young lives, as it did for Nash and Calla that fateful evening so long ago. Now an ‘A-list’ movie star, Nash Logan is living the dream! So why is he so miserable? He has it all – fame and fortune, and all the trappings that go with it. Yet he has nothing of true worth. Dr. Calla Tierney has always devoted her life to causes, but her latest cause has taken over her life. Working for a medical aid organization in West Africa is a delicate balance of helping others in desperate need while not becoming consumed by it. She once easily walked that fine line, but lately she is slipping. After 14 years, their two worlds have collided once again. Nash is still irresistible and even more handsome now. But the past has left Calla tortured and scarred, and one perfect night together changes nothing. ‘Nash the Dash Logan’ turns women down, not the other way around. Unwilling to accept rejection, he follows her back to the beautiful but devastated Sierra Leone. A lesson in humility awaits him from the incredible impoverished residents and he can’t help but become involved too. Can a second chance at love be found in a country so lost? Or will they both become just as broken as the people they are trying to help?