Broken Hollywood
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Broken Hollywood by Lora Richardson


She has no idea he's famous.

Catherine Sparrow is obsessed with her work at Alden Caverns. Ignored by most of the boys in town, Cat decides to leave dating to her sisters. But then a gorgeous stranger arrives, and she can't stop thinking about him.

Jesse Relic, the hottest movie star in Hollywood, needs to get out of LA. Burdened by guilt and weighed down by sorrow, he runs to his grandfather’s caves to hide from the world, but he does not expect to find his ideal match working there. The best part? She doesn't recognize him.

Jesse knows he needs to tell Cat the truth about his life, but he doesn't want things between them to change. The longer he goes without telling her, the harder it gets. Cat loves her simple, quiet life, and Jesse’s life as a celebrity is louder than most. If he tells her the truth, will he lose her forever?

Broken Hollywood is the first book in the Sparrow Sisters Series. If you want an intense, slow-burn sweet romance that will make your heart race, you’ll enjoy this celebrity meets ordinary girl love story!

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