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Bridget, Federal Protection by Danielle Norman

I’ve been told that my red hair matches my fiery temper. Accurate observation. Raised in a law enforcement family, I’m no stranger to crime, criminals, or the belief that you trust your gut. I might be a rookie, but as soon as my cop-instincts are put on high alert, I realize that something sinister is going on. FBI special agent, Eli Gray, is my oldest brother’s best friend, and close with the entire McGuire clan. I guess that’s why he avoids me, the only McGuire daughter, like the plague. It’s not until I catch the attention of his number one suspect in a sex trafficking ring who preys on redheads, Eli can’t stay away any longer. I’m not looking for a hero. The only thing I need--a big time arrest under my belt. But Eli thinks he knows best, he says what I need is an FBI agent in my pants. He might be right…it’s worth a shot.
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